Join the Raise the Rates Campaign

People living on social assistance rates have been forced to suffer ill health, double standards, invasive questioning about their lives, and legislated poverty. 

Social assistance recipients, social service workers, grassroots organizations, and anti-poverty advocates have come together to launch an Ontario Raise the Rates Campaign and we are asking for your support!

We, the undersigned, endorse the Ontario Raise the Rates Campaign and the following demands:

1. At least double ODSP and OW rates, and index OW rates to inflation.

2. Commit to ongoing cost of living increases above and beyond the rate of inflation for OW rates to make up for the years they have been frozen.

3. Fund all benefits for everyone on social assistance. Make “discretionary” benefits easily accessible by eliminating wait times and means testing.

4. Combine basic needs and housing allowance portions into a unified benefit.

5. End the welfare wall that punishes people for working.

6. Let people keep their entire social assistance income – stop claw backs and deductions.

7. Eliminate barriers to support, ensuring they are accessible and equitable.

8. Expand access to social assistance to everyone in Ontario regardless of immigration status.